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Hi, I'm Diana.

Hello wonderful (but tired!) parents! I am so happy you found me on this small corner of the internet. I am here to make parenting easier, more fun and more balanced for you. My mission to is make your sleep goals a reality. I am here to empower you to make the best decisions for YOUR child, after all YOU are the expert on your child. I can hold a safe, judgement free zone for you to navigate what sleep looks like for your family. Click on the video to hear my story that led me to this path of sleep coaching.

Why You Need Sleep Assistance

I’m here to support the parents who feel tired but also,

  • feel like your baby is not having enough sleep to support their growth or development

  • overwhelmed reading a ton of sleep information online

  • want results without compromising your parenting style and values

  • want an empathic and experienced expert who can hold your hand and guide you

Why work with Diana?

Change the trajectory of parenthood in two weeks

Feel confident about getting a full night’s sleep for you and your child

Have a real person to talk to and lean on for support

Real time advice and a culturally sensitive approach

What People Are Saying

"If I were Oprah I’d give this service to everyone"

-- Pinky P:

"Diana changed the trajectory of motherhood for me."

-- Janet L.


-- Rajani D

"Diana is amazing, I wish I could’ve done this with our first baby but I was too hesitant and didn’t think how much of a difference it could make."

-- Rajani D

Mom to Mom: my small victories, struggles and advice on the day to day.

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As you navigate this new world of parenthood and motherhood, maintaining a sense of routine and predictability is essential. That's why I've created this comprehensive sleep guide with you in mind.

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